Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Assignment #4 - Head Turn

Our next assignment was to use the character model sheet of Ron Stoppable (From the Kim Possible tv show) and make him do a head turn. I did a downtown area, so the reason why he's turning his head is because he heard something, and if I could animate, I would have had a car coming behind him! I believe thats a good reason to turn your head.

Ron Stoppable


Personality Room

In our layout class, our midterm assignment was to come up with a living room or a bedroom layout with personality, so you could tell who lives there just by looking at it. The catch was we had to do 12+ thumbnails with different ideas, and had to get one of them approved. Tom approved this thumbnail, which is pretty much a rich person's mansion. He also suggested me to do a statue with our animation teachers head. So Cory's head is proudly shown on the rough clean version.


Rough Clean

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Enviro Class Midterm

In groups we had to come up with a room to draw. This included doing a floor plan and getting references. At the end, we all had to do a different angle of the room while keeping the look relatively the same amongst each other. That was the tough part of the assignment.

Assignment #3 - Bouncing Kid

This was our animation midterm. It was tough seeing that we went from a bouncing ball to a whole bouncing kid!!! This kid also had to wear a cape (I guess thinking that he's superman). After this assignment, I never want to see another kid jump on thier bed ever again! The background was done in our Design class.

Assignment #2 - Bouncing Ball with Tail

Okay so its been a while since I posted, but the weeks were all filled with midterm projects and what not. But hey! I'm posting now!!! So this assignment was the bouncing ball with tail in two point perspective. As usual, I always include the background since its not as clear when you see it on the video.