Saturday, May 1, 2010

Final - Be A Man

This was our final for animation. We had to animate our potential character for next years film. His name is George and he is a bag boy at the local Remulation supermarket.

Final - Be A Man from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Assignment #4 - Location Design

This was an assignment that was not supposed to interfere with our animation final. And it didn't. We started planning a rough location design for our film idea for next year in pre-production, which got carried over to design class. Tom only wanted this assignment to be rough but clear, so this is all! I will post a bunch of the thumbnails I did later on. Enjoy!

Assignment #4 - Coloured BG

Hey guys, our last assignment for computer class was Photoshop. We learned a lot of techniques to color things. As our assignment, we were supposed to pick a background that we did and color it. Pretty much all of us chose our Haunted House assignment. Everyone's background looked 10 times more awesome after they colored it. I still have to learn more about coloring, since this was the first background I ever colored with shading and highlights.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Assignment #3 - Feeling Miserable

This was our final for computer class. I learned from my mistakes on my first full scene assignment and this is what came of it.

Feeling Miserable from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Assignment #3 - You're Gonna Need This

In this animation, I found that I started getting loose and a bit more fluid than any of my other animations. I tried a different approach and for me anyways, I can see the results. As usual, I did not post the video with the background due to the fact that the more layers you film it on, the darker it gets. I did post the BG however down below.

You're Gonna Need This from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Assignment #2 - Lazy Employee

This was our first scene we had to do in computer class. I learned a lot of things from this one assignment, what to do and what not to.

Lazy Employee from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Assignment #2 - What Are You Looking At Me For?

This was our first lip sync ever traditionally. It was a bit tough, but I am starting to get used to it. I found that I did too much of a movement. Something to learn from I guess.

What Are You Looking At Me For? from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Assignment #2 - Haunted House

Here are some of the thumbnails I did. Tom ended up choosing a futuristic idea I had, so its more of a haunted laboratory than a house. The second part of this assignment is a close up shot (interior or exterior) with Wendy in it.

Joseph Gilland at Algonquin College

Joseph Gilland, who does traditional hand drawn and CGI visual special effects, was here at Algonquin College giving us a little workshop on February 25t. He was a supervisor for the visual effects department in movies such as Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear. Also worked on many other movies such as Mulan and Pinocchio. Here is a shot of him, signing his books 'Elemental Magic'.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life Drawing Stuff

This semester in life drawing, we started using Conte. It takes a bit of getting used to and hopefully I'll be able to master this!

Assignment #1 - Music Sound Sync

Wendy got to rock out with her electric guitar. We learned how to sound scrub, which was nerve wrecking at first, but we all started to get a hang of it.

I included the video without the background, since I had 2 more layers; the background and the overlay, which made the video really dark.

Assignment #1 - Wendy Rocking Out from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Assignment #1 - Harmony Lip Sync

This was our first Harmony lip sync assignment. The famous phrase, "What are you looking at me for?" is used in this assignment and for our traditional animation assignment which will be done in 4 weeks or so.

Harmony Lip Sync from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Semester Sketch Book Assignment

Here are some stuff I handed in for the sketchbook assignment.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Final - Wendy and the box

This was my final animation for semester one. There are a bunch of things I would have fixed if time had permitted...but tomorrow a new semester starts, so I hope to learn from those mistakes and make better animations.

Final - Wendy and the Box from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Caricature - Jay-Z

This was my attempt at drawing a caricature (more like a portrait though) of the rapper Jay-Z.