Friday, October 30, 2009

Assignment #3 - Reaction/Take

This animation was based on expression changes. Basically I had her curiously looking at something, and then jumps back in fear (I guess it was gonna jump at her or somethin).

Assignment #3 - Reaction / Take from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Assignment #2 - Direction Change

Our first assignment for animation class was to draw a bunch of gestures using te high speed rough method. This was a head turn / direction change animation. I didn't like my end product, but will try and make the next animation better.

Assignment #2 - Direction Change from Remy Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Assignments Done on Harmony

This semester, we have Computer class, where we are learning how to use Toonboom Harmony. Our first assignment was the bouncing ball and then 2 expression changes. I went with the "Oooooh, Ahhh" expression lol)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Assignment #2 - 3 Point Perspective

Our second assignment is to create a 3 point establishing shot layout. So far I have a thumb approved (bottom right hand corner). Once I get the rough approved, I'll post the final.

Here's my approved rough.

Here's the rough/clean version.

Assignment #1 - Shaded Eggs

This was an assignment for our life drawing class. I'm not a shading type of guy, so this assignment was a bit tougher for me, but pleased with the result.
The darker tonal shades needed to be darker...

Assignment #1 - Box and Goofy Head Rotation

Second year of animation started and we are already stressing out with a lot of school work, but its fun (at times). Here was out first assignment in design class.

This is how I got the box to rotate.